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Blogging in Business Communication Classes

Posted by on Aug 10, 2013 in most recent | 0 comments

Blogging is a competency that serves the needs of nearly all business communication students. I’ve been asking my students to blog for the past three to four years, and I’ve seen my students improve their writing and professional confidence tremendously. Dozens of business communication instructors have told me they’ve had similar experiences.Blogging_Arms_Raised

Blogging makes a lot of sense in business communication courses for several reasons:

  • It helps students develop writing skills in a social media context. We’re moving to an increasingly networked mode of communication in the workplace. Blogs are social tools that help students think about how to develop content that is valuable to audiences, interact with audiences via comments, and gain followers.
  • It helps students feel like their writing is important. Compared to other assignments, blogs are easier to create in a real-life context. In other words, there really are people out there consuming blog content. Most students are motivated by the fact that people all across the world could read their blogs. They’re excited to send their blog links to family and friends. Two of my students have received jobs from contacts they’ve made through their blogs. Overall, students are excited to use blogs to connect with others.
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Are You Letting Work Email Consume You?

Posted by on Jul 23, 2013 in most recent | 0 comments

A Good Technology survey reveals what we probably really already know but shocks nonetheless – nearly all of us check our work email at all hours. In their survey of 1,000 American adults in May 2012, they found the following:*Email Message July 22 2013

  • Most people check work email as soon as they wake up. 68 percent of employees check their work email before 8 AM. Americans, on average, first check their email at 7:09 AM.
  • Most people check work email in bed. 50 percent—yes, HALF—of Americans check work email while in bed.
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Using Cases for Your Business Communication Classes

Posted by on Jun 6, 2013 in most recent | 0 comments

Cases are engaging, realistic, and applied learning tools for business students. With Cardon’s Business Communication (1e), you’ll have access to dozens of cases to use in your classes. Case_Screenshot

The first ten cases are ready and will be placed on the course website by June 15. You can expect to see five to ten new cases on the course website for each of the next several months.

In each case, students read a short introduction to the professionals involved. Then, they read a scenario involving business communication challenges: evaluating the interpersonal communication process, building emotional intelligence, making messages more concise, delivering bad news, or writing persuasively, to name just a few.

Each case is between two and five pages, so students can read and understand the case and the basic challenges within five to ten minutes. Cases have between three and five learning exercises or tasks for students to complete. Each learning exercise allows student to apply principles from the textbook in fun and engaging ways.

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